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Artexing and Artex Removal Southampton

Artex is commonly found on the ceilings of older houses all over Southampton and the UK. It forms ornate patterns on the ceiling. Artex was trendy and fashionable many years ago, but nowadays it does not appeal to lots of homeowners. If you have an Artex ceiling which you want removing, at Pro Plastering Southampton we can plaster over the Artex to give a nice smooth finish.

So, what is Artex?

Artex is a surface coating alternative to plaster, which gives a textured, rather than smooth, finish. The name Artex is a genericised trademark belonging to Artex Ltd. Artex was a very popular ceiling coating in the 1970s and is widely recognisable by its swirling and stippled patterns. A large amount of its popularity was due to its textured finish meaning a plastering professionals’ skills were not required to apply it. Artex is far less popular nowadays though, although it is still present in many homes across the UK.

Artex Removal Southampton

Plastering over Artex is a popular solution if you aren’t a fan of its textured finish. However, plastering over Artex is a specialist job so requires a plastering professional. For many years at the height of its popularity, Artex contained white asbestos to make it stronger. Asbestos is now known to cause asbestosis and mesothelioma, which are both cancers. If you have an Artex ceiling though, do not panic! Artex is only harmful when in its powder form, so when it is in your ceiling you are completely safe. However, sanding is often required when plastering over Artex. Safety masks and clothing must be worn to avoid inhaling the Artex dust and your house must be prepared appropriately. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to plaster over your Artex ceiling.

At Pro Plastering Southampton, all our plasterers deal with Artex safely and effectively. As with most forms of plastering, there are multiple ways to approach plastering over Artex depending on your needs and budget. Our friendly and reliable team are on hand to offer advice to ensure you get the service that you require.


Our Artex services are not just limited to Artex removal though. Our expert plasterers can also use Artex on your ceilings if you would like a textured, styled finish. If you already have Artex on your ceiling, the surface can be re-skimmed and a fresh layer of Artex is then applied on top.

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Can I plaster over Artex myself (DIY)?

Technically you could, but Artex can contain asbestos, which is very harmful when inhaled, so it is highly recommended that you always hire a specialist when dealing with Artex.

How much does it cost to plaster over Artex?

This depends on the size of the ceiling, the desired finish, as well as any other technical considerations specific to your home. To speak to one of our specialists and receive your free no obligation quote, give us a call today.

I quite like Artex – can I have it done on my ceiling?

Absolutely! Despite being less popular than it used to be, Artex is still a viable option for your ceiling. Our experienced team are happy to help your home look exactly the way you would like it to be.

Is it a good idea to plaster over an Artex ceiling?

It all depends on your tastes and desires. While it is a specialist job to complete, if you want a smooth finish on your ceiling then plastering over your Artex could be the right choice for you.

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So, if you have an Artex ceiling that you would like plastering over, or you would like some Artex on your ceiling, get in touch with us today. You can call us today on 023 8104 0218, drop us an email at or fill out the contact form on this page for your free no obligation quote.

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