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Dry lining and Plasterboard Southampton

Dry lining or drywalling is an alternative to the traditional wet plastering of internal surfaces like walls and ceilings. Plasterboard is fixed to the wall or ceiling to quickly provide a finished surface ready for painting or wallpapering in a fraction of the time involved with wet plastering. At Pro Plastering Southampton we offer a fantastic dry lining and plasterboarding service. To find out more, get in touch today by calling 02381040218 or fill out the form to the right for your free quote!

What is Plasterboard?

Plasterboard is a sandwich made of gypsum between a paper facer and a backer. It can be called wall panels, wallboard, drywall, gypsum panels as well as the commercial brand names like Gyproc and GTEC.

Plasterboards are available in different sizes and cut easily to fit the space. Large plasterboards result in fewer joins but can be hard for the inexperienced to handle and install. Plasterboard can provide fire resistance, improved acoustics, thermal insulation, impact resistance, and moisture control, depending on the selected board. Plasterboard treated with wax is excellent for use in wet areas like bathrooms. There is suitable plasterboard for virtually every application.

How do you install plasterboard?

Plasterboard is straightforward to install either directly to a wall or with a secondary framework. You can create a quick room partition by fixing plasterboard to both sides of a frame. 

Dot and Dab

Drylining can be attached directly to a wall by the dot and dab method. Apply the adhesive by dabbing dots onto the wall, and then plasterboard glues into place. The adhesive sets quickly, but this method does leave air pockets behind the plasterboard.

Tacked or Screwed

A secondary framework of timber or metal forms the support for the drylining. The boards are then nailed (tacked) or screwed to the frame. Generally, screws are more effective at holding the plasterboard in place and are always used with a ceiling installation.


Seal the joins with jointing tape and cover the recessed nails or screws with joining compound mixed with a little water. A light sanding and a coat of sealant or primer leave the surface ready for a coat of paint or wallpaper.

Alternatively, the skim the plasterboard with a thin coating of wet plaster. This technique allows the application of a decorative finish with the plaster.

Additional Layers Behind the Boards

A secondary framework allows the installation of extra insulation or a vapour barrier behind the plasterboard. Attention to detail is needed to ensure the correct installation with no gaps in the vapour barrier.

Why choose dry lining?

Fast and Budget Friendly

The main advantage of opting for dry lining with plasterboard is the speed of the installation. Plasterboards are quick to install and finish if you use trained professionals like Pro Plastering Southampton. The wall or ceiling is finished and ready for decorating in less time than with wet plaster. The speed of installation reduces the labour cost associated with any building project.

Problem Solving

The dry lining technique allows you to increase your insulation, improve your fire safety, deal with moisture problems, and improve acoustics in a room. It is vital to select the right quality of plasterboard for the application and install it correctly. Southampton plasterers discuss how to meet your needs with the right product and technique rather than covering up issues.

One of the disadvantages of a plasterboard finish is that it has less load-bearing capacity than a traditional plastered wall. You can still hang wall cupboards, and radiators provided these are attached to supporting frameworks. If you know that you are going to need this facility in the room, it is worth discussing it in advance as the supporting structure can be adjusted.

Partition a Room

Using plasterboard with a frame allows you to partition a room, perhaps to create a home office, quickly and easily. Versatile plasterboard enables the creation of attractive curved walls if your interior design needs that feature.

Lower a Ceiling

Dry lining makes it straightforward to install a lower ceiling or to put in a false ceiling to cover up an unattractive or uneven roof in an older property. This option allows the fuss-free installation of ceiling spotlights.


Plasterboard is recyclable as the gypsum is a natural material that is recovered and reused.

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Our expert team at Pro Plastering Southampton can assist you with any dry lining or plasterboard project. We cover all applications from home improvements to commercial. We make sure you get the right plasterboard for your needs and install it quickly and professionally so you can get on with using your new space. Feel free to check out our other pages for plastering and external rendering.

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